Friday, January 12, 2018

The Fruits Of Klengkeng Efficacy For Health

Fruit kelengkeng (Dimocarpus Longan) has 2 other familiar designation, i.e., the fruit of longan fruit or a cat's eye. The fruit that comes from the Southeast Asian Continent is spherical with a size roughly as big as marbles. On the growth, fruit kelembeng huddle on the handle. The skin of the fruit is colored light brown to blackish with the skin surface is somewhat rough and berbintil-bintil, with dagning white fruit clear and watery. The taste is sweet, fresh and have a distinctive scent. The seeds are globose consisting of two keeping and coated seeds are skin also is black. The flesh is white, the seed itself contains carbohydrates, a little oil, d an saponins.

The content and the main Compounds
On kelengkeng there is the flesh of the fruit content of sucrose, glucose, protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, tartaric acid, and the chemical compounds of plants (phytochemicals) others that are beneficial to health.

Benefits Of Fruit Kelengkeng
Some of the benefits of the fruit of the kelengkeng that can be felt, among other things:
Relaxes the nerves
Overcoming anxiety, insomnia, and difficult concentration
Nourish the heart and relieves the heart pounding hard
Strengthen the spleen
Raise red blood production
Increase appetite and increase energy
Healthy colon and improve the process of absorption of food
Launch a pee
Resolve kecacingan
Healthy eyes
Treating headaches, vaginal discharge and a hernia.

Ways Of Utilization
Returns the body fitness post ill: 250 gr eat fresh fruit kelengkeng per day.
Increase appetite and strengthen the spleen: eat 60 grams of fresh kelengkeng fruit twice a day, every morning and night. This way it can also resolve the diarrhea lho!
Heal Burns: take a little seed kelengkeng, then grilled until it becomes charcoal. After that, mashed until smooth and combine with the oil of tung, and then apply it on the sore parts of the body.
Treating wounds that heal difficult: use the kelengkeng seeds to taste that it is dry and then burn to be charcoal, mashed up to further smooth and do not forget to add the olive oil. Apply on cuts out

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Coconut Fruit for health benefits

Coconut got the nickname as the tree of life because it gives many benefits to humans. Almost all part of the coconut tree starting from the root, stem, leaves and fruits can be used.

Well, what is the relationship between coconuts with health? According to some research, the fruit of coconut either an old or young, have content which is beneficial for health.

Okay, here are some benefits of coconuts for the health of the human body such as reported by the Magforwomen page:

Coconut milk to the bone

One of the users, i.e. the coconut fruit is taken santannya. Well, it turns out the coconut milk has great benefits for bone health. In addition it can strengthen bones, coconut milk can also be used to relieve bone pain that is often suffered by the elderly. Coconut milk can also prevent bone loss.

Lowering blood pressure

Coconut milk has a high potassium content and is believed to be able to regulate blood pressure. Some research suggests that coconut milk was able to lower high blood pressure. However, it must be careful because the content of cholesterol in coconut milk is also high.

Lose weight

The flesh of the coconut fruit is rich in natural fibers necessary body launched an indigestion. Consuming coconuts can also help someone who has difficulty defecating. In addition the coconut meat is processed into coconut milk can help lose weight gradually.

Boost the immune system

The content of electrolytes in the fruit can help the body prevent viruses such as the flu virus causes. Besides coconut water are as naturally detok issued toxins from the body. Therefore, our first parents often use green coconut water to treat food poisoning.

Increase energy

Drinking coconut water is a natural way to boost the body's energy. So, if you are experiencing fatigue after a long day of work, try drinking coconut water

Relaxes muscles

The bustle of the everyday person can trigger terkan stressed and tense muscles. To overcome this problem you could be drinking coconut water. The content of magnesium in coconut water and coconut milk can help relax the muscle so that tension could be eliminated.

Replacement fluids

A study showed that the content of electrolytes in coconut water is the same as the content of the liquid contained in the human body. So if you exhausted exercise and a lot of wasted fluid, you could consume coconut water to replace lost body fluids to prevent dehydration.

OK he multiple benefits and efficacy of coconut fruit for human health. Hopefully this information is useful to you loyal readers of this blog. Thank you.

Benefits of a Durian for the Beauty of the skin which is essential in the know

Benefits of a Durian for skin-Beauty cannot be denied any longer if fruit is very distinctive-smelling a lot of benefits for the health of the body. But this time we will discuss the other benefits of a durian fruit that is beneficial to the skin's beauty. The fruit becomes King of all fruits, with a sweet taste, savory and tasty top familiar in tropical countries as Indonesia.

Want to know what are the benefits of a durian for beauty, yuk we refer to the article below.

1. Rejuvenate skin body
One of the benefits of a durian is to make the skin look young and young again aka doesn't wrinkle. The way is by consuming the fruit durian regularly or treatment methods from the outside by making durian flesh as a mask of skin. Apply this mask on your face and skin.

2. Remove the black bags under the eyes
Eye bags are a common problem in many natural people. This eye bags appear due to illness insomnia (difficulty sleeping) or because the problem often staying up. Often stayed up nights will result in the eyes of marsupials and embossed black flecks or black circles around the eyes.

To heal and remove this eye bags, durian can be one of the herb. In this case use the durian meat when it wants to sleep by night and let stand until the next day. Balance this treatment with vitamin E intake and exercise regularly. Then the circles under your eyes will be continuing to heal.

3. Accelerate wound healing
Durian fruit is useful in speeding up the process of healing the wounds on the body. If you are injured and scratched with sharp objects, then konsumsikanlah buha durian in doses more, this thorn-skinned fruits contain a lot of vitamin C are good in healing skin wounds.

With the wound be healed quickly, certainly by the beauty of your skin will always be awake. What if there were wounds everywhere on your body, naturally you will look gorgeous, then not resolve this problem by consume durian.

Here's the 3 benefits of durian for the beauty that is important so that you know can be an alternative for you in taking care of one's own home, especially things that deal with the beauty of the skin.

Pomegranate benefits for beauty and health

Pomegranates are always associated with the beauty of the skin, as well as identical with the rich super fruit health benefits. Not surprisingly, given the myriad of nutrients contained in the fruit. For women who want to have beautiful skin and beautiful hair, Pomegranate juice is very suitable for consumption. In addition to the fresh and delicious, the pomegranate is very popular as a natural and beneficial remedy for beauty caused nutrient rich like punicic acid, ellagic acid, antioxidants, omega 5 fatty acid that plays a role in the process of regeneration of Pomegranate red cells. contain a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium oxalate, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, niacin, folic acid, thiamin and riboflavin.

Benefits of Pomegranate juice To a glass of Pomegranate juice Beauty not only delights in the throat and delicious on the tongue, but it has many benefits for the beauty of the skin, hair, beauty and many other health benefits.

1 facial beauty. Moisturize dry skin Punicic acid and omega 3 found in pomegranate gives moisture to the skin and keep skin hydrated, so good for those who have dry skin and often experience irritation. In addition, Pomegranate juice effectively care for oily skin and acne. Pomegranate juice can potentially control the sebum production. 

2. Inhibit signs of aging Often drinking Pomegranate juice may delay premature aging, as well as reduce facial lines and wrinkles that are triggered by exposure to sunlight. The pomegranate has the ability to maintain the regeneration of skin cells, and inhibits pigmentation and dark spots on the skin.

3. Maintain the elasticity of the skin of Pomegranate red has long been known to have effectiveness in maintaining the fibroblasts which play a role in the production of collagen and elastin. Both of which serve to maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent wrinkles and lines on the face. Drinking Pomegranate juice on a regular basis will make the skin glow, so apply it as a facial mask. 

4. Prevent skin cancer red Pomegranate contains compounds such as tannins and anthocyanins which act as antioxidant and anti-cancer. Pomegranates contain ellagic acid and polyphenols that are able to inhibit the development of skin cancer, if applied directly on the skin.

Pomegranate benefits for beauty hair 

5. Prevent hair loss If you want to have strong and shiny hair, drink Pomegranate juice on a regular basis! Pomegranate juice strengthens the hair follicle, thus preventing loss on your hair. You can have the hair healthy and shiny with drink Pomegranate juice on a regular basis. Pomegranate for health benefits 

6. Lowering high blood pressure have Pomegranate juice benefits to reducing hypertension, as well as prevent the clotting of blood. 

7. Prevent heart disease of Pomegranate contains punicalagin which can maintain the elasticity of arteries and reduce inflammation of the blood vessels thus preventing atherosclerosis, cause heart disease. Red Pomegranate juice prevents clogged arteries, so that blood circulation to the heart and brain to be smooth. Drinking Pomegranate Juice also can lower bad cholesterol levels, as well as increasing the levels of good cholesterol.

8. Prevent Constipation fiber-rich red Pomegranate is good for digestive health and control bowel movement. Pomegranates contain no saturated fat or cholesterol, so it's good to lose your weight. 

9. Increase the body's immunity with the consumption of Pomegranate juice regularly can protect you from HIV transmission. The pomegranate is the best fruit to inhibit the transmission of the HIV virus. 

10. Prevent anemia Pomegranate juice contains iron which was instrumental in the formation of red blood cells. This is good news for you who often experience sluggish and weak due to anemia. 

11. Preventing prostate cancer red Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants that stimulate white blood cells to eliminate toxins in the body, and increase the body's immunity. Drink red pomegranate juice every day may inhibit prostate cancer. So the Red Pomegranate Benefits for beauty and health. In addition to the delicious taste, pomegranite juice turned out to be very suitable for you who want to have a healthy and beautiful body. So, absolutely nothing wrong if you like Pomegranate juice.