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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Rambutan Fruit benefits for health and beauty

The benefits and efficacy of rambutan fruit for health and beauty I will review in full for you. Rambutan fruit known to have benefits for pregnant women, face skin, fetal, men's fertility, and preventing the emergence of acne. Rambutan fruit for the benefit of more I will discuss in details to You, so that you know what are the actual benefits that rambutan fruit.

Friend of the ditipskesehatan, fruit rambutan with the latin name Niphelium Lappaceum fruit is one of the many flourishing in the region of Indonesia. As the name implies, the fruit has a sweet taste that is typical of this generally have some part in the fruit named hair pieces. Hence the name rambutan fruit if in Indonesia. Did you know, behind the sweetness of the fruit rambutan, there is some benefit from the fruits of the rambutan for health? Following his review for you.

Rambutan Fruit for health benefits
As I've explained before, if rambutan fruit has great benefits for health, here I will give some information about the benefits of rambutan fruit for health, diantranya is as follows:

Can strengthen the immune system of your body. Rambutan fruits have copper content which is great for the health of your body because the copper compounds are used, your body to form white blood cells function to ward off bacteria, viruses, and germs that are harmful to health You.

Prevent your body from free radicals. As we know free radicals have an impact that is bad for health. Well, by consuming fruit rambutan, then you will be spared from free radicals because fruit rambutan has vitamin C is beneficial for the health of your body.

Can increase energy. The content of carbohydrates and protein that is found in fruit rambutan believed can boost your energy when you feel a lack of energy because of the many activities you do. Hence rambutan fruit can You make as a natural energy pengkrak when you do many activities that Deplete energy.

Can prevent cancer. Rambutan fruit whose size is small and sweet, this cannot be underestimated. Because, in addition to the sweet taste of fruit this one could also be used as a cancer preventive foods because of gallic acid content contained therein is believed to be destroyed and ward off free radicals that have the potential to cause cancer diseases that can harm your health.

Rambutan Fruit benefits for beauty
In addition to fruit rambutan has great benefits for the health of my previous review above, fruit rambutan also has great benefits for your beauty as I review the following:

Can overcome some of the problems of the skin. Rambutan fruit you can make it as natural beauty foods if you have problems on the health of the skin, as the skin is rough and dull. These benefits can you get on the rambutan fruit seed that is believed to have great content for the health of your skin. You can chew the rambutan seeds directly or mixing into Your dishes.

Can reduce the excess fat in the body. The seeds of the rambutan also has good benefits for diet, because the ingredient is believed to reduce the excess fat, so you can avoid the disease berlebihnya of fat in your body.

Can be used for hair care. Other than fruit and seeds, rambutan rambutan leaves also have benefits that are good for the health of the hair. You can use the extract of leaves of herbs to nourish your hair with a few strands blend the way leaves rambutan that is already mixed with a little water, then saringlah with fabric to get her Sari.

By consuming fruit rambutan regularly then you will have beautiful skin and hair, clean, and beautiful naturally. Therefore konsumsilah create rambutan regularly.

So my post about the benefits and Efficacy of Rambutan Fruit for health and beauty. May be useful, and please read my post that does not lose interest.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

For The Health Benefits Of Fruit Rambai

Rambai (Baccaurea motleyana) is a species of fruits and penghasilnya plants that grow wild or half wild in gardens of Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia (especially Sumatra and Borneo). Rambai is still closely related to menteng/kepundung, even for frequent. The difference is that flower and fruit growing in the far branches of menteng. In addition, rambai relatively sweeter. In Thailand it is known as mafai-farang

Not many people know about this type of fruit is this one. Many people think of it as the fruit of duku. But after trying, apparently the flesh of the fruit is not as nicely as rambai fruit duku. Then again, some people assume that this is the fruit of menteng since sweet sour-sweet. However, when seen from the tree, turned out to be completely different with the tree of menteng. Then, the fruit is this?

If you've been to Sumatra or Kalimantan, surely your ears will get used to hearing the word rambai. Here are some of the benefits of the fruit Rambai as I grab from the posting on one of the blogs buahsayuran:

As a spice substitute for sour
In the area of the island of Bangka Belitung, the fruit is commonly used for a mixture of cooked fish. The taste sensation of sweetness mixed with fresh sour taste sensations on the fruit has an average diameter of two to five cm is utilized as a substitute for sour fruit.

Made into sweets
A typical fruit in tropical areas it can also be utilized to become candied fruit. Rambai is indeed suitable sweets because texture tender and sweet sour taste. How, by boiling the flesh of the fruit to mature and then soaked with sugar water. This could candied durable up to weeks if stored in a refrigerator.

Made into jam
Sweet Sour taste make this fruit jams suitable like strawberry or Blueberry jam jams. As fans jam, there is no harm in utilizing this fruit as jam. Here's how by simply smoothing the flesh of this fruit with a blender, if you want a more practical, and then heated to a delicious jam. You can also blend the sugar or honey to taste and add one to two tablespoons of lemon juice in order to taste more delicious jams.

The benefits of posting Fruit Rambai, may give you an idea of our new Indonesia fruits of diversity and its benefits during this yet we realize

Benefits of Pears for health what you should know

benefits of Pears for health what you should know-good afternoon all, you certainly know dong with a pear-shaped, very similar fruit apples originated in tropical climates such as Western parts of Europe, Asia and the Northern parts of Africa as well. This time we will review about efficacy and its benefits for the health of our body.

This fruit can prevent cancer and boost our immune system. Really? Please refer to his following.

Benefits of Pears for health

1. Pear Benefits prevent cancer
The amazing benefits of the first is to prevent cancer. This is because the content of hydroxycinnamic acids. By consuming a PEAR, then you will be spared from cancer of the stomach and lungs.

2. Benefits of Pears to fight Alzheimer's
The antioxidant content of quercetin on the skin of a PEAR is useful to help our bodies fight against Alzheimer's disease, it is based on the research of Cornell University.

3. The benefits of Pears to prevent Osteoporosis
You have pengeroposan bones? Well, consuming pears can be the solution for you. The boron content of your body needs to maintain calcium, thus you will avoid osteoporosis.

4. The benefits of Pears to soothe digestion
You often have disorders of the digestive, consuming pears may help you get a healthy digestion. And fiber content of Pectin in pears can help stop diarrhea and tannins can soothe the digestive tract is irritated skin.

5. The benefits of Pears to keep you hydrated
By consuming pears will create the body we are spared from dehydration because of the moisture content on the pears are very high.

6. The benefits of Pear For lowering cholesterol
As already mentioned above, the pear-shaped megnandung pectin is high (higher than apples). Thus, the PEAR is very beneficial to reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Pectin absorbs fat in the gut before they are absorbed through the blood stream.

7. Benefits of Pears to boost immune system
In addition to the above nutrients, PEAR also contains vitamins, including: vitamins A, K, C, B2, B3, B6 and calcium. This fruit also contains minerals, magnesium, potassium, and copper. So, the PEAR is great for keeping the immune system.

How? Very much at all right? That is the 7 benefits of Pears for the health that you should know, hopefully useful Yes. Read also the 5 benefits Pare For health and beauty.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Benefits Of Lemon

Benefits of Lemon – lemon is indeed not the fruit that is foreign again for some people. It turns out that, in addition to tasty made drinks, fruit has a sour taste that has lots of benefits. Benefits of lemon actually there are lots especially for beauty and health. Unfortunately not many people know about this.

Benefits of lemon for beauty and health
Lemon does have sufficient vitamin C a lot so it's not surprising if this yellow fruit has a sour taste. Not only do they contain vitamin C, the fruit also contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, calcium, citric acid, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, iron, sugar, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, sugar, and protein as well. The large number of vitamin and mineral content of the course is not surprising when the benefits of lemon is very diverse.

Benefits of lemon for beauty
Maybe not many people know it turns out lemon is very beneficial for maintaining beauty. One of the benefits of lemon that is fairly well known for natural bleach. The trick is to mix 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 2 tablespoons milk, and coupled with the 2 tablespoons of tomato juice. Use the mixture on the face and also the body evenly, let stand until a few moments then rinse until clean. Not only useful as a natural bleach, masks made from lemon juice also able to reduce existing wrinkles in the face. To make the mask, you can simply mix a few drops of lemon juice, almond oil and one tablespoon of honey. Stir to form a paste, apply on face for about 15 to 20 minutes then rinse until clean.

Benefits of lemon for health
Given the large number of vitamin C in fruit that is pretty much it makes the fruit of this one powerful enough to overcome colds and flu as well. Benefits of lemon for the health of others is to remove toxins, dissolve existing uric acid in the body and are able to sharpen the sense of sight. In addition, the latest research results about lemon mentions that there are 22 anti-cancer compounds such as glikosa a flavonol and limonene which is able to inhibit cell division and growth of cancer cells. Not only that, tangeretin compounds found in lemon is also able to maintain brain health to avoid Parkinson's disease.

Benefits of lemon for household utensils care
For those of you who like to bake in the oven at times there are spills of food sticking and hard to clean up. It turns out that using lemon zest you can remove stains. The trick is to heat the lemon rind that is placed in the Bowl containing water in oven in high temperature for 6 minutes then remove the bowl and clean the oven by using a towel.

Some blurb about the benefits of lemon on top is just a small part of the benefits of lemon. How to benefit from this fruit is also very easy IE only with enough lemon juice consumed either through the juice or mixed with other foods so that it feels not too acidic. To maximize the benefits of a lemon, you can add honey on any whim of lemon are presented. Hopefully the discussion about the benefits of lemon specifically for beauty and health it can be beneficial.

The Fruits Of Klengkeng Efficacy For Health

Fruit kelengkeng (Dimocarpus Longan) has 2 other familiar designation, i.e., the fruit of longan fruit or a cat's eye. The fruit that comes from the Southeast Asian Continent is spherical with a size roughly as big as marbles. On the growth, fruit kelembeng huddle on the handle. The skin of the fruit is colored light brown to blackish with the skin surface is somewhat rough and berbintil-bintil, with dagning white fruit clear and watery. The taste is sweet, fresh and have a distinctive scent. The seeds are globose consisting of two keeping and coated seeds are skin also is black. The flesh is white, the seed itself contains carbohydrates, a little oil, d an saponins.

The content and the main Compounds
On kelengkeng there is the flesh of the fruit content of sucrose, glucose, protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, tartaric acid, and the chemical compounds of plants (phytochemicals) others that are beneficial to health.

Benefits Of Fruit Kelengkeng
Some of the benefits of the fruit of the kelengkeng that can be felt, among other things:
Relaxes the nerves
Overcoming anxiety, insomnia, and difficult concentration
Nourish the heart and relieves the heart pounding hard
Strengthen the spleen
Raise red blood production
Increase appetite and increase energy
Healthy colon and improve the process of absorption of food
Launch a pee
Resolve kecacingan
Healthy eyes
Treating headaches, vaginal discharge and a hernia.

Ways Of Utilization
Returns the body fitness post ill: 250 gr eat fresh fruit kelengkeng per day.
Increase appetite and strengthen the spleen: eat 60 grams of fresh kelengkeng fruit twice a day, every morning and night. This way it can also resolve the diarrhea lho!
Heal Burns: take a little seed kelengkeng, then grilled until it becomes charcoal. After that, mashed until smooth and combine with the oil of tung, and then apply it on the sore parts of the body.
Treating wounds that heal difficult: use the kelengkeng seeds to taste that it is dry and then burn to be charcoal, mashed up to further smooth and do not forget to add the olive oil. Apply on cuts out

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Coconut Fruit for health benefits

Coconut got the nickname as the tree of life because it gives many benefits to humans. Almost all part of the coconut tree starting from the root, stem, leaves and fruits can be used.

Well, what is the relationship between coconuts with health? According to some research, the fruit of coconut either an old or young, have content which is beneficial for health.

Okay, here are some benefits of coconuts for the health of the human body such as reported by the Magforwomen page:

Coconut milk to the bone

One of the users, i.e. the coconut fruit is taken santannya. Well, it turns out the coconut milk has great benefits for bone health. In addition it can strengthen bones, coconut milk can also be used to relieve bone pain that is often suffered by the elderly. Coconut milk can also prevent bone loss.

Lowering blood pressure

Coconut milk has a high potassium content and is believed to be able to regulate blood pressure. Some research suggests that coconut milk was able to lower high blood pressure. However, it must be careful because the content of cholesterol in coconut milk is also high.

Lose weight

The flesh of the coconut fruit is rich in natural fibers necessary body launched an indigestion. Consuming coconuts can also help someone who has difficulty defecating. In addition the coconut meat is processed into coconut milk can help lose weight gradually.

Boost the immune system

The content of electrolytes in the fruit can help the body prevent viruses such as the flu virus causes. Besides coconut water are as naturally detok issued toxins from the body. Therefore, our first parents often use green coconut water to treat food poisoning.

Increase energy

Drinking coconut water is a natural way to boost the body's energy. So, if you are experiencing fatigue after a long day of work, try drinking coconut water

Relaxes muscles

The bustle of the everyday person can trigger terkan stressed and tense muscles. To overcome this problem you could be drinking coconut water. The content of magnesium in coconut water and coconut milk can help relax the muscle so that tension could be eliminated.

Replacement fluids

A study showed that the content of electrolytes in coconut water is the same as the content of the liquid contained in the human body. So if you exhausted exercise and a lot of wasted fluid, you could consume coconut water to replace lost body fluids to prevent dehydration.

OK he multiple benefits and efficacy of coconut fruit for human health. Hopefully this information is useful to you loyal readers of this blog. Thank you.

Benefits of a Durian for the Beauty of the skin which is essential in the know

Benefits of a Durian for skin-Beauty cannot be denied any longer if fruit is very distinctive-smelling a lot of benefits for the health of the body. But this time we will discuss the other benefits of a durian fruit that is beneficial to the skin's beauty. The fruit becomes King of all fruits, with a sweet taste, savory and tasty top familiar in tropical countries as Indonesia.

Want to know what are the benefits of a durian for beauty, yuk we refer to the article below.

1. Rejuvenate skin body
One of the benefits of a durian is to make the skin look young and young again aka doesn't wrinkle. The way is by consuming the fruit durian regularly or treatment methods from the outside by making durian flesh as a mask of skin. Apply this mask on your face and skin.

2. Remove the black bags under the eyes
Eye bags are a common problem in many natural people. This eye bags appear due to illness insomnia (difficulty sleeping) or because the problem often staying up. Often stayed up nights will result in the eyes of marsupials and embossed black flecks or black circles around the eyes.

To heal and remove this eye bags, durian can be one of the herb. In this case use the durian meat when it wants to sleep by night and let stand until the next day. Balance this treatment with vitamin E intake and exercise regularly. Then the circles under your eyes will be continuing to heal.

3. Accelerate wound healing
Durian fruit is useful in speeding up the process of healing the wounds on the body. If you are injured and scratched with sharp objects, then konsumsikanlah buha durian in doses more, this thorn-skinned fruits contain a lot of vitamin C are good in healing skin wounds.

With the wound be healed quickly, certainly by the beauty of your skin will always be awake. What if there were wounds everywhere on your body, naturally you will look gorgeous, then not resolve this problem by consume durian.

Here's the 3 benefits of durian for the beauty that is important so that you know can be an alternative for you in taking care of one's own home, especially things that deal with the beauty of the skin.

Pomegranate benefits for beauty and health

Pomegranates are always associated with the beauty of the skin, as well as identical with the rich super fruit health benefits. Not surprisingly, given the myriad of nutrients contained in the fruit. For women who want to have beautiful skin and beautiful hair, Pomegranate juice is very suitable for consumption. In addition to the fresh and delicious, the pomegranate is very popular as a natural and beneficial remedy for beauty caused nutrient rich like punicic acid, ellagic acid, antioxidants, omega 5 fatty acid that plays a role in the process of regeneration of Pomegranate red cells. contain a variety of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium oxalate, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, niacin, folic acid, thiamin and riboflavin.

Benefits of Pomegranate juice To a glass of Pomegranate juice Beauty not only delights in the throat and delicious on the tongue, but it has many benefits for the beauty of the skin, hair, beauty and many other health benefits.

1 facial beauty. Moisturize dry skin Punicic acid and omega 3 found in pomegranate gives moisture to the skin and keep skin hydrated, so good for those who have dry skin and often experience irritation. In addition, Pomegranate juice effectively care for oily skin and acne. Pomegranate juice can potentially control the sebum production. 

2. Inhibit signs of aging Often drinking Pomegranate juice may delay premature aging, as well as reduce facial lines and wrinkles that are triggered by exposure to sunlight. The pomegranate has the ability to maintain the regeneration of skin cells, and inhibits pigmentation and dark spots on the skin.

3. Maintain the elasticity of the skin of Pomegranate red has long been known to have effectiveness in maintaining the fibroblasts which play a role in the production of collagen and elastin. Both of which serve to maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent wrinkles and lines on the face. Drinking Pomegranate juice on a regular basis will make the skin glow, so apply it as a facial mask. 

4. Prevent skin cancer red Pomegranate contains compounds such as tannins and anthocyanins which act as antioxidant and anti-cancer. Pomegranates contain ellagic acid and polyphenols that are able to inhibit the development of skin cancer, if applied directly on the skin.

Pomegranate benefits for beauty hair 

5. Prevent hair loss If you want to have strong and shiny hair, drink Pomegranate juice on a regular basis! Pomegranate juice strengthens the hair follicle, thus preventing loss on your hair. You can have the hair healthy and shiny with drink Pomegranate juice on a regular basis. Pomegranate for health benefits 

6. Lowering high blood pressure have Pomegranate juice benefits to reducing hypertension, as well as prevent the clotting of blood. 

7. Prevent heart disease of Pomegranate contains punicalagin which can maintain the elasticity of arteries and reduce inflammation of the blood vessels thus preventing atherosclerosis, cause heart disease. Red Pomegranate juice prevents clogged arteries, so that blood circulation to the heart and brain to be smooth. Drinking Pomegranate Juice also can lower bad cholesterol levels, as well as increasing the levels of good cholesterol.

8. Prevent Constipation fiber-rich red Pomegranate is good for digestive health and control bowel movement. Pomegranates contain no saturated fat or cholesterol, so it's good to lose your weight. 

9. Increase the body's immunity with the consumption of Pomegranate juice regularly can protect you from HIV transmission. The pomegranate is the best fruit to inhibit the transmission of the HIV virus. 

10. Prevent anemia Pomegranate juice contains iron which was instrumental in the formation of red blood cells. This is good news for you who often experience sluggish and weak due to anemia. 

11. Preventing prostate cancer red Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants that stimulate white blood cells to eliminate toxins in the body, and increase the body's immunity. Drink red pomegranate juice every day may inhibit prostate cancer. So the Red Pomegranate Benefits for beauty and health. In addition to the delicious taste, pomegranite juice turned out to be very suitable for you who want to have a healthy and beautiful body. So, absolutely nothing wrong if you like Pomegranate juice.

Benefits Of Blueberry Fruit For The Face

Benefits of blueberry fruit for face | Blueberry fruit is fruit that has a bluish-colored skin and is usually made into the mix on the bread, iced fruit juices dsn. After we've discussed earlier on about the benefits of blueberry fruit for beauty on the article then this time I will discuss about the benefits of fruit blueberries for the face.

If you have been reading about the health benefits of blueberries for the fruit then you will be able to know that the fruit of a blueberry is still one genus with strawberries. This cute little fruit has a fairly complete vitamin like vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and fiber, therefore this fruit into food that must be consumed for some people. Did you know that in addition to beneficial to health, it turns out that blueberry fruit also has benefits for the face.
Benefits Of Blueberry Fruit For The Face Including:

1. prevents premature aging
Atioksidan content in nutritious blueberry fruit to prevent the occurrence of premature aging.

2. Protect the skin from UV sinarn
If you use a fruit mask blueberries regularly every day then this fruit will provide protection to your skin especially from exposure to UV rays produced by the Sun.

3. prevents Acne
as already discussed above that are usually fruit blueberry dioalah into a mixture of breads and fruit juices. You need to know is if you have problems with acne then you can drink fruit juice blueberry regularly to prevent acne.

4. prevent skin wrinkles
Problem skin wrinkles is a problem for womenfolk especially if already entered the age of seniors. You need idak confused even to use drugs to get rid of wrinkles on the face, you can simply use the blueberries and masks as often as possible to consume the fruit is then gradually wrinkles on your face will be reduced even possible your facial skin will tamapak such as age 17 years.

Nutrition experts have done the research and concluded that if consuming blueberry fruit juice regularly then a million benefits of this fruit can you feel especially if you consume this fruit straight from the trees are picked.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Benefits Of Fruit Star Fruit For Beauty

Benefits of Fruit star fruit for beauty – Fruit star fruit is not only beneficial for maintaining the health of our bodies, but the fruit star fruit that's too good to care for the health of our skin. Indeed most of the people have not yet realized the benefits of fruit star fruit for beauty, it's probably the fruit is only popular for consumption only. Benefits are owned by fruit star fruit is also almost the same benefits that are owned by other fruit, this is because the fruit star fruit also contains Vitamin C and also the vast gardens that quite a lot of content.

For those of you who might want to exploit the deposits owned by fruit star fruit, then you could try to make fruit star fruit as masks to skin especially for you facial skin. Masks from fruit star fruit is also very powerful to care for the health of the skin and keep you from the signs of aging.

In Indonesia alone, State fruit star fruit is easy to find in any of our shops or supermarkets that are in town. Normally the price for fruit on this one is also not too expensive and certainly very affordable to pockets

ye. Well, to make you more confident again about the benefits that can be provided by fruit star fruit when you regularly use it as a natural mask on the skin you then under this admin will rangkumkan some of its benefits:

10 benefits of Fruit star fruit for beauty Natural Skin 

1. Capable Of Refreshing The Skin Of The Face.
Fruit star fruit is also capable to avoid skin you, this is because the fruit star fruit have a moisture content that is very much sehingan it will make you skin will become moist and will not be easy to dry or flaky. So that you will avoid skin from dehydration and skin you will be fresher and brighter.

2. Capable of smooth skin.
The following benefits are very well suited to you who are having problems on the skin, as the skin feels rough. The condition usually occurs because the use of some cosmetics contain chemicals and can also occur because of a pattern of life that is not good or increasing age. Well, so that it does not occur on the skin of you then you can use fruit star fruit as natural masks to skin you. Do on a regular basis and the results will look as you might imagine, the skin will be smooth and gentle had appeared naturally.

3. being able to Reduce the production of excess oil on the skin of the face.
The form and conditions of any human skin it no doubt will vary, because sometimes there are some people who have oily skin face and there are also some people more that have a dry facial skin. Then from that if you love to do with skin care cosmetics then you should more thoroughly again to choose which cosmetics are suitable for you. Do not let it instead will make your facial skin damaged and incurred a lot of acne.

But it will not happen to you when you wear a natural ingredients, one of which was from fruit star fruit. The content in the fruit of star fruit have it able to keep you skin stay healthy and fruit star fruit also has no harmful side effects for the skin you asalahkan you wear it properly.

4. Able to cope with Acne on face.
Not only are women only, for the man on this one issue is a problem that is very difficult to overcome with ease. The appearance of a Zit at the facial skin is usually caused by a change of ormon and also caused due to lack of cleanliness especially on the face. But you don't have to because am there's one solution that can resolve the issue, i.e. the use of fruit star fruit. Why should fruit star fruit?

Well, this is because the fruit star fruit also has Vitamin C in which the Vitamin C is able to cleanse and soothe the occurrence of inflammation caused by acne.

5. being able to Brighten the skin.
If you skin looks dark? Or you skin look dull? If Yes, you need not worry as there is a solution that can resolve the issue. Well, using fruit star fruit. This is because the fruit star fruit have excellent content to take care of our skin from pollution and exposure to sunlight that can damage the skin. Use masks from fruit star fruit regularly so that the results can be appropriate as you expect.

6. being able to shrink the pores of the skin of the face.
For any person, has a size of large pores on the face skin might will make them not pede with his performance of his own. And it will make you guys also became inadequate and the loss of confidence of you own. Usually if the holes pores on the skin of the face it big then you guys will certainly face look more rugged and dirt will easily to accumulate on the skin. Then to shrink skin pores, you can wear a mask from the fruit star fruit. Because the content contained in the fruit star fruit was able to make the pores of the skin will become smaller.

7. being able to lift the dead skin cells.
You guys should know, if dead skin cells that are still attached to part of the skin especially skin facial then this will make you skin look coarse and it gets worse again the skin you will look like scaly. Well, so that it doesn't happen to you then you can wear a mask from the fruit star fruit. Where masks from fruit star fruit that's also very powerful to clean the dead skin cells and treat skin recently you guys to keep natural bright.

8. Able to disguise the Flecks of black flecks-acne scars.
In General, the emergence of a stain or a bitnik black spots on the skin of the face that are usually caused by layers of youthful skin you are exposed to sunlight directly. Then that is a cause of emergence of bitnik black spots on the skin of the face you. Well, so that it doesn't happen to you then you can entrust the fruit star fruit. Because it uses masks from fruit star fruit regularly every day then you that problem it will slowly disappear and you will see healthy skin and bright natural shine.

9. Able to make facial skin Becomes more supple.
The use of masks from fruit star fruit regularly is also able to make facial skin you will look lebut and chewy. It can occur due to the elasticity of the skin you stay awake. Well, to you who might want to have skin that is more kecang then you could wear fruit star fruit. Use masks from fruit star fruit regularly, undoubtedly you will look gorgeous skin and kecang naturally.

10. being able to Prevent premature aging.
In addition to the benefits already admin tell above, fruit star fruit still has one more benefit to you. Well, the use of masks from fruit star fruit regularly is also able to cope with the skin you are experiencing aging. This is because the mineral content and also an abundance of vitamins from fruit star fruit itself.

How, do you interested to use fruit star fruit as a facial skin mask you?. You don't have to hesitate if you choose to eat the natural ingredients to care for your beauty skin. Because of the natural ingredients that doesn't have side effects that are harmful to the skin you as long as you wear it properly.

Well probably quite the first information that can tell an admin this time, hopefully with a summary of the information above was about the last 10 benefits of Fruit star fruit for beauty can create rewarding you guys everything.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Fruit Acids For Health Benefits

Lots of benefits from this acid fruit for health, here are some of the benefits of the fruit acids for health:

Fruit acids can treat allergies or in Javanese called Biduren
Here's how: take a 2-4 tamarind fruit that is already quite old and a little salt to taste salt. Add a little 4 spoons of whiting. Then all of the ingredients are boiled with 3 cups water, simmer hinge leaves 2 cups. This herb a clean filter and then drink 2 times a day in the morning and the afternoon.

Fruit acids can Treat Swollen because it stung centipede or bees
Here's how: take a 3-6 tamarind seeds and fruit of eucalyptus oil to taste. Smooth mashed the beans and add a bit of eucalyptus oil. Dampen a first body part that stung by a bee and then mashed beans with Herb tempeli acid. Leave to deflated.

Fruit acids can Treat dry cough
Here's how: take 3 pieces of tamarind, and then 1 handheld saga leaves. Then boil to boil the two ingredients with 4 glasses of water. Let tersissa to 1 Cup. Then drink 2 times a day at the time of the morning and afternoon.

Fruit Acids can treat Fever
Here's how: take one handheld leaf Java acid which is still young, then take also a little fennel pulawaras. Rebuslah both these ingredients with half a liter of water and leave until the remaining 1 cup water. Drinking regularly twice a day morning and evening.

Fruit acids can Treat eczema and Boils
Here's how: mashed until smooth 1 tamarind leaves hunting young chicks then add 2 turmeric Rhizome by the size of your thumb. Then paste on the injured part.

Fruit acids can treat asthma
Here's how: take 2 slices of banana peels tamarind and adaspulawaras. Rebuslah both these ingredients with 1 liter of clean water to boil. Then strain and drink this concoction 2 times a day.

Fruit acids can Treat Rheumatic diseases
Here's how: take 1 handheld leaf Java acid, 2-4 acid Java beans and then tumbuklah both these ingredients until smooth. Then kompreskan herb on body parts that hurt.

Fruit acids can Treat new Wounds
Here's how: lumatkan tamarind leaves an already finely chewed on the injured part of the body slowly and evenly. Allow it to somewhat mongering then clean with warm water.

Fruit acid could Treat ulcers
Here's how: tumbuklah 5 seeds tamarind until smooth then flatten on the injured part then bandage with a clean gauze.

Fruit acids can treat thrush
Here's how: rebuslah tamarind fruit, 2 2 Rhizome temulawak dan1 cut Palm sugar. Boil until boiling, then filter this herb to be drunk as herb penyembuah powerful thrush.

Fruit acids can treat stomach ache
Here's how: take 3 pieces that were already ripe tamarind, whiting to taste and eucalyptus oil to taste. Tumbuklah all the ingredients into a single herb. And then rubbing the herb rub it evenly on the part of the stomach that hurts.

Fruit acids can treat Pain Heat
Here's how: combine tamarind fruit 2 that has been cooked with salt and 1 cup of hot water. Then saringlah this acid water. Drink regularly until the heat came down. For those of you mothers who are pregnant is strictly prohibited to drink this drink because it will be fatal to their content.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Benefits of Avocado Fruit For health and beauty

Benefits of Avocado Fruit for health and beauty | Avocado or pokat or avocado is one fruit that is quite popular among our society. The fruit is usually processed in the form of juice. It tastes delicious and nutrition content high enough to make the fruit is favoured and sought after.

In addition to health, buha is also very good to serve as the material beauty of the body. There can do beauty treatment with avocado. Did you know? There are a million benefits of avocado fruit for health and beauty. There are at least 14 minerals and vitamins on 11 pokat or avocado.

In addition to the two types of nutrients, avocado also contains protein, riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), potassium (potassium), omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin c. not only there, avocado leaves and seeds also can be used as a traditional medicine, yet anek We will not discuss it for now. We only focus on a discussion of the benefits of Avocado Fruit 31 For health and beauty.

Benefits of Avocado Fruit For health and beauty

Anything? Check out the following one by one:
1. Prevent Prostate Cancer
Benefits of the first avocado is to prevent prostate cancer, avocado is able to prevent and suppress pertumbuahn prostate cancer.
2. Prevent Oral Cancer
In addition, the benefits of avocado fruits are very normal again is to prevent oral cancer. Studies have shown that certain substances in apocates can find and kill cancer-causing cells without injuring healthy cells.
3. Breast Cancer Prevention

Pokés or avocados are also useful for preventing breast cancer. Apocados such as olive oil contain lots of oleic acid which can prevent breast cancer in many studies.
4. Eye Health
Apocates have more carotenoid content than other commonly consumed fruits. This substance protects against decreased vision as well as cataracts, two eye diseases caused by age.
5. Lower Cholesterol
Apokat contains a lot of beta-sitosterol, a substance that is proven to lower blood cholesterol levels. In a study of 45 volunteers, cholesterol decreased by 17% after consuming apocates for a week.
6. Heart Health
One cup of apocate contains 23% of the recommended folate acid intake value. Some studies show that people who eat a lot of folate have a lower risk of heart disease than those who do not. Vitamin E, unsaturated fats and glutathione on apocalis are also very good for your heart.

The content and benefits of Apricots

The content and benefits of Apricot Fruit – Apricots is a small tree, 8-12 m tall, with a trunk up to 40 cm in diameter and canopy, dense spread. Apricot leaves oval, 5-9 cm and 4-8 cm wide, with rounded base, tapered tip and a finely serrated margin. The flowers are 2-4.5 cm diameter, with five white petals with pink, apricot, produced singly or in pairs in early spring before the leaves.
In Latin, the fruit of apricot plum called armenia. Carotenoids (a type of antioxidant) is the most high in content of this fruit, even above the average of other fruit. Apricot fruit also has a fairly high fiber content as it can be used as a reliever of diarrhea or constipation. This fruit can also be used to help detoxify and relieve thirst.

1. Nutrient content Fruit raw apricot, nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
201 energy kJ (48 kcal)
Carbohydrate 11 g
Sugars 9 g
Dietary fiber 2 g
Fat 0.4 g
Protein 1.4 g
Vitamin A equiv. 96 mg (11%)
Beta-carotene 1094 mg (10%)
Vitamin C 10 mg (17%)
Iron 0.4 mg (3%)

2. the nutrient content of the dried apricots, nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
1,009 energy kJ (241 kcal)
Carbohydrate 63 g
Sugars 53 g
Dietary fiber 7 g
Fat 0.5 g
Protein 3.4 g
Vitamin A equiv. 180 mg (20%)
Beta-carotene 2163 mg (20%)
1 mg of vitamin C (2%)
Iron 2.7 mg (22%)

Here are some of the benefits and the benefits of Apricots for body health, among other things:
Maintaining the stability of blood sugar levels remained normal.
Stimulate the kidneys
Have effect as a mild laxative
Great for digestion
Contains high iron
Reduce the risk of urinary tract infection
Help prevent a heart attack
Helps blood pressure
Lowering cholesterol levels
Effective for skin problems, such as burning skin and eczema

Besides apricots are very helpful in fighting bacteria, infections, and cancer. Apricot is also able to reconstruct damaged tissue or pain, maintain excellent vision, and build strong bone structure. Apricots are often used as a natural laxative.
Apricot is recommended for those who suffer from anemia, kidney lithiasis, biliary lithiasis, vitamin A deficiency, pregnant women, parents, or teenagers. Apricot juice is also used in cosmetics because it can tone up the skin.
However we recommend You be cautious in consuming the fruits of apricots. The apricot seeds contain a number of concentrated chemical elements. This could lead to an imbalance in the body processes.
To be able to find out the benefits of good apricots, you can discard the seeds. Do not eat more than five in one day.
Apricot can also be used as a reliever of diarrhea or constipation. It caused an orange fruit has a high fiber content.
While in the world of traditional Chinese medicines, apricots have another role. This fruit can help the regeneration of body fluids, detoxing and a potent antidote to thirst.

benefits of apples

benefits of apples Apples or Malus domestica fruit is originally from Central Asia, but its development along with the apples it's been spread evenly throughout the world. Apple is a fruit which is identical with the color of the skin of the fruit is red. Almost all people certainly are familiar with its Moon and the taste of Apple itself. Because apples are classified into types of fruits, then Apples contain a variety of nutrients and vitamins are very important to improve the quality of health care.

The following is the content of the nutrients found in apples per 100 grams.
Calorie (CAL): 58g
Iron: 0, 3 g
Calcium: 6 g
FAT: 04g
Vitamin a: 90 g
Vitamin C: 5 g
Protein: 03g
Water: 84, 1 g

benefits of apples

Reduce the risk of attack on cancer
Reduce the risk of attack on cancer

The benefits of bauh Apple one can to prevent attacks of cancer. This is due to the womb, called flavonoids that can be useful for warding off various types of cancer which attacks at any time can invade your body.

Maintaining dental health

Dengan mengkonsumsi secara rutin, buah apel dapat merangsang produksi air liur pada mulut. Sehingga dapat mencegah terjadinya pengkroposan pada gigi dan dapat tetap menjaga gigi Anda tetap sehat.

Prevent dehydration

Apples can be useful to prevent dehydration or lack of body fluids. 85% content of apples consists of water. With Apple, you can consume to avoid dehydration.

Preventing a heart attack and lower high blood pressure

Apples can be useful to prevent heart disease and may lower blood pressure. This is because Apple can prevent cholesterol in the body.

Ward off free radicals

On the Apple skin can manufacture the substance called quercetin. Substance quercetin is a substance which serves to ward off the attack of free radicals and can also serve to combat premature aging.

Preventing diarrhea and constipation

Benefits of apples can also be to prevent diseases of the digestive system such as diarrhea and constipation. Fiber in apples high are capable to help launch the digestive system. So that it can cope with the disorders digestive system such as diarrhea or constipation.

Prevent diabetes

This is because, Apple skin have phenolic compounds. For that reason, it is recommended to wash it first with running water, before you eat an Apple with the Peel.

Boost the immune system

The content of antioxidants in apples called quercetin may be beneficial to increase the body's immune system, so that a person not easily affected by diseases especially when unfriendly weather

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Benefits of Dragon fruit For health, beauty facial skin and diet

There are several benefits of Dragon fruit is fabulous, a disease that can be prevented and fought against the deadly diseases in the world. What are the benefits of Dragon fruit? Let's check out some of the benefits and the benefits of Dragon fruit below.

  • Prevent Cancer

This disease is very dangerous and rarely anyone is cured, but as believers we must believe that there is not a penyakitpun that there is no cure.

cancer is one disease that is dangerous and difficult to be cured, most people who suffer from this disease died, we should follow the already proverbial better prevent than cure. you know lah farmasetik expensive drugs for mercy unless the flu remedy well hehe
Benefits of Dragon fruit For health, beauty facial skin and diet

Why beneficial fruits prevent cancer? because in the fruits contained antioxidants and Vitamin C which is very large, so that damage to the cells/DNA can be minimalisir, the destruction of the cell due to the attack of free radicals is one of the factors in the beginning of cancer occur.

  • make the heart be healthy

Benefits of Dragon fruit red is the next to the heart, the heart is human, because vital oragan importance of heart possessed humans make the poet likens a most beloved by heart. :D

The benefits of Dragon fruit which can be felt is the decrease in bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol in the body. If he said it's called barter economy.

the content of the fruit that is good for the heart are Phytochemicals Captin, this substance commonly used for heart disease, so if there are natural why should select chemically?

  • Lowering Kolestrol

Okay, did you do the most suffered illness dizaman now?
Tau gak? I'll, you know; This is related to the lifestyle and food choices someone bad.

well Yes, Kolestrol high. I am sure you are not surprised if I tell you that 39% more than the world's population have this disease. most suffered by women while men under the 3% difference between the women. It is also a cause of 2.6 million people die every year.

sounds Scary, right?
but don't worry, a certain lifestyle changes and includes fruit, vegetables in your meals can save you from this threat. Dragon fruit is one that can be trusted in lowering levels of kolestrol.

Lower levels of kolestrol does not mean eliminating all fat. In fact, some fats are very important to our body system functions, such as unsaturated fats. and the fact that the seeds of the fruit are rich in polyunsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acid, and omega-6 which help lower kolestrol.

All mentioned it and plus the abundant antioxidants, surely will make the fruit became a mainstay in the weapons against dangerous kolestrol levels.

  • Cure Some Diseases Of The Stomach

Benefits of Dragon fruit is so wonderful, Dragon fruit in a claim it can cure some diseases like stomach indigestion and constipation with no risks or side effects.

Dragon fruit is rich in fiber and have a fairly high moisture content, that's what makes Dragon fruit is ideal to help cure people suffering from constipation. The content of these fruits will help improve bowel movement in our bodies by facilitating food is digested in the digestive tract appropriately. Fiber also serves to transport the feces

  • Help manage Weight

For those of you who have excess weight, this is the point you like the best.

We know and understand the very sacrifice that you do to change the diet in order to obtain the ideal weight.

one of two diet program may have you do but it has no effect on your weight.

Try to add Dragon fruit Dragon fruit or tea into a weight loss diet program you

In addition to the delicious fruit, this fruit is also very low in calories (60 calories per 100 grams), so the fruit can be a substitute for your regular meals. In addition, this fruit has about 90% of the water and also the number of fibers that are quite high. so that it can keep you satiated in quite a long time. that way you will avoid eating food.

Benefits Of Fruit For Eye Health

Benefits Of Fruit For Eye Health. Fruit in the world is really a lot of its kind and it felt different, fruit mempunnyai benefit very much besides have the delicacy also has the function of create health we one is to eye health.
Benefits Of Fruit For Eye Health
Many who thought that the fruit is just as desserts, but it turns out that the fruit has a function for the health of our eyes. In many types of fruit contained a substance the color components are referred to as beta carotene.

Beta carotene is able to activate pro vitamin A into vitamin A which is good for eye health and enhance the accommodation. Beta carotene is found in fruits especially yellow, orange or reddish.

An example is the fruit of mango, papaya, oranges, apples, watermelon, melon. If the fruit is red, yellow, Orange, Orange was already manifest contains carotene, Green apples and pears also contain beta carotene levels high enough.

In addition to increasing the power of accommodation, the presence of beta carotene in fruits able to treat cataracts even glaucoma. Benefits of fruit for eye health is also played by the presence of such high levels of lutein found in kiwi fruit, banana, guava can also treat cataracts.

High levels of Vitamin C in fruit can also strengthen the connective tissue in the eye area as well as improve blood circulation. Vitamin C also helps improve the durability of the body so as to help the body reduce the occurrence of an infection in the eye.

A few fruits containing essential oils like olive fruit, strawberries are good for the eyes, especially in the process of cleaning the eyes and treat eye inflammations.

It can also treat cataracts. The content of calcium, folate and potassium in some types of oranges, bananas, salak. How great are the benefits of fruit for eye health.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Melon Fruit For Health Benefits

Melon fruit for health benefits – who know the fruit not the yak has a flesh-colored yellow with a thick skin biah decorated kind of carving which has a distinctive sweet melon fruit named it?. certainly nearly everyone will know it may even be a few among you guys very very like it. The popularity of fruit melon itself apart because of this fruit can be made into various foodstuffs and drinks, but more of a fruit melon turned out to have many benefits which is pretty good for health.
Melon Fruit For Health Benefits
However it turns out that it is still not much is know about the benefits of fruit melon for health in the details. Because usually people just know that fruit that one is only used to remove water content because of dehydration, when in fact there are still many benefits-other benefits offered by melon fruit. and here's the reviews read more about the benefits of fruit melon.

1. Prevent heart attacks
Perhaps few people still know if it turns out fruit melon has a good khasita as fruit can prevent heart attacks. The content of Adenosine-owned melon fruit make it has the capability in preventing and stopping the emergence of clotting of persedaran blood cells that can eventually trigger the emergence of a heart attack and even stroke. With this the fruit melon will help launch circulation of red blood cells.

2. Prevent the emergence of penyaik cancer
Melon fruit is one of the fruits of the many types of fruit can also act as a fruit can prevent cancer. Outstanding ability possessed by this melon fruits due to the womb Karetonoid. Karetonoid itself is a pigment that had the function to give color to the fruit and vegetable. Due to such a high karetonoid content that exists in the melon fruit which then makes the melon was able to prevent the onset of cancer especially for lung cancer symptoms and symptoms of breast cancer.

3. Helping eye health
Maybe most people consider fruit that is good for the eyes is simply the carrot alone. melon fruit but it also has a pretty good role for maintaining eye health. Melon fruit is believed to contain zay betakaroten who plays in improving the sharpness of vision and eye health. From beta carotene is converted into vitamin A this is the melon will preserve the health of your eyes and will even meningktkan the function of the eyes.

4. Ward off free radicals
melon fruit benefits for the health of the other is as a fruit that can be memangkal free radicals. In this there are many melon fruit content of substances such as antioxidants like flavanoid betakaroten, cruptoxanthin, lutein and zea xanthin which proved able to protect cells and strukutur the body of free radicals.

5. Help get rid of heartburn
Heartburn is probably the most frequent digestive disorders appear experienced by many people. If you're feeling the heartburn, then you can eat melons as a penangkalnya. With a moisture content of up to 90% of the melon has the ability to calm down until finally taste any heartburn is gone. And even the melon also can relieve heartburn.

See the abundance of melon fruit for health benefits, then from now on do not hesitate anymore to start incorporating this melon fruit into your daily food menu.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

jackfruit fruit for health benefits

jackfruit fruit for health benefits
jackfruit fruit for health benefits - Many people like jackfruit fruit because it felt sweet. They are also often used as a complementary range of food or minumen, such as gudeg and es teler.

But the jackfruit turns out not only delights in the tongue, but also have benefits for health because of the content. What's it?

Nutrient rich contrarian cancer cells

Jackfruit fruits contain isoflavones, Lignans, phytonutrients, and saponins. This content is able to fight off the cancer cells in the human body. Contents this can also prevent the entry of radicals known as one of the main causes of cancer and other chronic diseases.

The content of fitronutrien function prevents the cancer cells develop in the early stages. While the content of saponin also proved able to overcome colon cancer growth. Fitronutrien and saponins can work together reduces the progression of cancer cells because of mutual ties together.

Protects DNA cells from damage

Jackfruit fruit contains antioxidants that Act to protect cells from DNA damage caused by free radicals. SAP owned jackfruit also serves as a colon cleanser as well. The SAP and the fibers are able to work together to eliminate toxins in the digestive system.

Immune boost

In addition to contents which have been mentioned above, the fruit is jackfruit are also rich in vitamin c. Vitamin C is known as an immune system booster that is most effective.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The benefits of red wine for health

Health Benefits of red wine for the wine not only delicacy, but also save a myriad of benefits to health, particularly red wine. This fruit is known for its sweet taste and distinctive, the content of sugar in the grapes make this fruit easy to digest and is good to increase the energy in the body.
The benefits of red wine for health

Red grapes efficacious once for a kesehtaan body. Revestrol substances content in red wine are the most content. Revestrol is anti-inflammatory or anti inflammation which is able to prevent cholesterol and protects the body from bacterial and fungal pathogens sepeeti. In addition, in the wine also contained the active polyphenols that serves as an osidan in a body that will fight against free radicals.

In traditional medicine is also very famous red wine that is commonly used in the cure of phlebitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and capillary fragility. Red wine also capable in stabilizing blood vessels and reduce problems associated with venous vessels.

The benefits of red wine for health
The benefits of red wine for your health very much at all, such as could give energy, preventing macular degeneration, cataracts, digestion, Eliminate fatigue, kidney disorder coping etc. Here we rangkung some of the benefits of red wine for health.

1. natural Flavonoids in red wine is beneficial to maintain health of the artery with a means of preventing the occurrence of blockage and prevent the occurrence of heart disease.

2. Prevent Cancer, resveratrol content in red wine is very useful to prevent the growth of tumors, cancer and purple wine can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer.

3. Consume of red wine can improve osida nitrate in the body. This is useful to prevent the occurrence of blood clotting and prevent the occurrence of heart attacks.

4. Reduce blood pressure. by consuming the wine or grape juice every day can reduce blood pressure and stabilize the blood in the body.

5. Grape juice could be useful to prevent premature aging, due to the high in anti oxidants in it, and red wine can also lose weight.

6. Fruit wine also contains many useful anti oxidant untuka repairing body cells that are damaged and keep the ravages of free radicals.

7. The benefits of red wine next to cure migraines. For this you have to make a glass of unsweetened grape juice and drink e.g., yesterday. Red wine really good medicine to cure migraines.

8. The benefits of red wine. This fruit can be a blood purifier of the various poisons and prevent blood abnormalities and can clean dirty blood.

9. Overcoming constipation, further benefits of red wines is to overcome constipation. If you have trouble with constipation or indigestion, then red wine was masterfully, the consumption of red wine on a regular basis to improve your digestion back smoothly.

10. Improve immune, red wine can provide strength in the body's immune system so the body immune against various viral and bacterial attacks.

Here's some red naggur benefit to health. Actually still very many benefits laind ari red wine for health. For those of you who want to know in detail, maybe you could contact your doctor or a nutritionist. May be useful.

Benefits Of Mangoes For Health

Benefits Of Mangoes For Health Fruit yellow when ripe and unripe green when it's known for its deposits of the vitaminya very much. Not only is rich in vitamins, fruit is very tasty raw dishes into or that have been cooked.

The benefits of an awful lot of mango fruit meyakininya. Even now is an awful lot of food products or packaging that uses mangoes as a composition. The mango is a tropical plant species which are cultivated by people around the world. Besides the benefits of mangoes also strongly felt to beautify a face. In this article we will discuss about the benefits of the mango fruit for health and beauty.

Benefits of mangoes to body health
Content of vit C and high nutrients in fruit mango is very good for our bodies. The content of its nutrition value is very beneficial and suitable for body health because it contains protein, potassium, iron, calories, fat, carbs, beta carotene, vit A, vit B6, K and also potassium. More details see some fruit mango benefits:

Benefits Of Mangoes For Health

  • Reduce diabetes

Mangoes contain a low glycemic index so the sugar levels will not be increased if we consume mango fruit though in great numbers. Not only is the meat of the fruit, mango leaf also mentioned being able to reduce diabetes in a way to boil a few leaves of mango and soaking overnight. Once it is filtered and boiled water is drunk as a decoction of herbs that are capable of regulating the levels of insulin in the body.

  • Prevent cancer

Some studies have stated that antioxidant compounds contained in fruits mangoes are believed to protect the body from being able to attack prostate cancer, leukemia, colon and breast. These compounds include quertin, fisetin, error, isoquercitrin, acids and enzymes as well.

  • Prevent Heart pain

Fiber, potassium and vitamins found in Mango fruit as a whole can ward off heart pain. Decrease sodium intake coupled with increased intake of potassium can reduce cardiovascular risk because eating patterns become transformed.

  • Mango fruits help digestion properties

Mangos contain enzymes that can destroy the protein content and excess fat in the foods we consume. In addition the content of fiber found in fruit mango can digestives and eases the process of disposal of the rest of the digestion naturally.

The case review on the benefits of the mango is remarkable, because in addition to great for the health of the body, it turns out the mango can also be utilized as a natural ingredient for beauty care naturally. May be useful and good luck